Symposium 1
Psychodynamic Aspects of Psycho-pharmacology Practice
Chairperson:Joseph Silvio (USA)

Joseph Silvio (USA)
Psychodynamic Factors in Psycho-pharmacology Practice

Timothy Sullivan (USA)
The Nuances of Dyadic Communication and Importance of the Therapeutic Alliance in Brief Clinical Encounters

César A. Alfonso (USA)
Idealization, Devaluation and Counter-transference Prescribing
Symposium 2
Psychotherapy in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 1 (Mood Disorders, ADHD, Selective Mutism)
Chairperson: Aili Hashim (MYS)

Aili Hashim (MYS)
Adolescent Depression and Talk Therapy

Tjhin Wiguna (IDN)
Applying Cognitive Behavior Therapy to Minimize Anxiety Symptoms in Adolescents with ADHD

R. Irawati Marsubridn
Play Therapy in Communication Disorders in Children with Selective Mutism

Safaa Eraky (EGY)
Helping Parents of Children with ADHD
Symposium 3
Psychotherapy Research-Personality Disorders (Denmark and USA Collaboration)
Chairperson: Erik Simonsen (DNK)

Ole Jakob Storebø (DNK)
Evidence-based short-time psychotherapy of Borderline Personality Disorder: a 2019 update of a Cochrane review

Erik Simonsen (DNK)
Evidence-based long-term psychotherapy of Borderline Personality Disorder: a 2019 update of a Cochrane review

Elsa Ronningstam (USA)
Changes in narcissistic personality disorder through psychotherapy
Symposium 4
Psychotherapy with Special Populations 1 (Forensic, CLP, Disaster Psychiatry, Parents of Children with Special Needs)
Chairperson: Nik Ruzyanei Nik Jafaar (MYS)

Nik Ruzyanei Jafaar (MYS)
Psychotherapy for Parents with Special Kids

Natalia Widiasih (IDN)
Inside the Criminal’s Mind: The Art of Psychotherapy in Forensic Medicine

Antonio C. Sison (PHL)
Psychotherapy and Dermatology

Joffrey Sebastian E. Quiring (PHL)
Psychotherapy and Disasters: Evolution of Concepts and Practices in the Philippines
Symposium 5
Psychotherapy in the Palliative Care Setting-An Indonesian Perspective
Chairperson: Irmia Kusumadewi (IDN)

Feranindhya Agiananda (IDN)
Psychotherapy to Reduce Psychological Distress in Patients with End-Stage Brain Tumors

Gina Anindyajati (IDN)
Psychoeducational Intervention for Family Caregivers to Assist in Determination of DNR Status

Profitasari Kusumaningrum (IDN)
Helping the Family to Find Meaning During End of Life Care
Symposium 6
Psychotherapy in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2
Chairperson: TBD (MYS)


Evelyn Gapuz (PHL)
Evidence-Based Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: Perspectives from a Developing Country

Safaa Eraky (EGY)
CBT for Children and Adolescents with OCD

Luca Giorgini (ITA)
Psychotherapy based on Human birth theory with adolescents and young adults
Symposium 7
Transcultural and Ethical Dimensions of Psychotherapy
Chairperson: César A. Alfonso (USA)

Timothy Sullivan (USA)
Cultural Adaptions of Psychotherapy-Contributions of Cultural, Evolutionary and Moral Psychology

Teri Silvio (TWN)
Transitional Objects and the Taiwanese Religious Imagination

Mary Agnes Busuego (PHL)
Ethical Issues in Psychotherapy in the Philippines

Alma Jimenez (PHL)
Culture, Psychotherapy and Asian Diversity
Symposium 8
Psychotherapy Practice by ECPs - An International Forum
Co-Chairs: Rizky Aniza Winanda (IDN)& Jian Loo (MYS)

Victoria Patricia C. dela Llana (PHL)
Katrina Duchonova (CZE))
Jian Loo (MYS)
Faiz Tahir (MYS)
Rizky Aniza Winanda (IDN)
Symposium 9
Psychotherapy in Iran: A Sociocultural View
Chairperson: Amir Hosein Jalali (IRN)

Amir Hosein Jalali (IRN)
Growing Interest in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Iran

Farzin Rezai (IRN)
Psychometrics of STIPO-R in an Iranian Population

Maryam Aslzaker (IRN)
Psychoanalysis of Women in Iran-Special Issues

Atefe Kamaloo (IRN)
CBT in Iran: Challenges and Limitations
Symposium 10
Psychotherapy Education
Co-Chairs: Timothy Sullivan (USA) & Allan Tasman (USA)

Michael Siomzon (PHL)
Achieving Competency in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Faiz Tahir (MYS)
Achieving Competency in Motivational Interviewing

Timothy Sullivan (USA)
How to Integrate Psychotherapies in Current Psychiatric Practice

Heriani (IDN)
Teaching Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Residency Program at Universitas Indonesia
Symposium 11
End of Life Care-International Symposium
Chairperson: Maureen Lyon (USA)

Maureen Lyon (USA)
Advanced Care Planning for HIV Seropositive Teens and Adults in Washington DC

Fransiska Kaligis (IDN)
Psychotherapeutic Approaches for Children and Adolescents Receiving Palliative Care

Marco Christian Michael (USA)
Integrated End-of Life Care for Patients with ALS

Josefina Ly-Uson (PHL)
Psychotherapy at the End-of Life: Focusing on Meaning and Spirituality
Symposium 12
Psychotherapy with Special Populations 2
Chairperson: Marhani Midin (Malaysia)

Marhani Midin (MYS)
Psychotherapy with Caregivers of Persons with Severe Mental Illness

Haifa Algahtani (SAU)
Cultural Adaptation of CBT for Depression and Anxiety in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sylvia Detri Elvira (IDN)
Spiritual Aspects of Psychotherapy for Kidney Transplantation Patients in Indonesia

Luca Giorgini (ITA)
Group Psychotherapy Based on Human Birth Theory
Symposium 13
Psychotherapy Practice, Training and Research for Substance Use Disorders:
Thai CBT Association and Chulalongkorn University Symposium

Chairperson: Rasmon Kalayasiri (THA)

Teerayuth Rungnirundorn (THA)
A Pilot Project of a One-Year Course for Addiction Training in Thailand

Wanida Rattanasumawong (THA)
The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy for Addiction Treatment in Thailand

Rasmon Kalayasiri (THA)
Integrated Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Nuttorn Pityaratstian (THA)
A Pilot Project of a One-Year Course for CBT-Training in Thailand
Symposium 14
Psychotherapy Activities and Research in Indonesia
Sponsored by the Indonesian Psychiatric Association Psychotherapy Section

Chairperson: Sylvia Detri Elvira (IDN)

R.A. Mulya Liansari
Validation of Working Alliance Inventory –Indonesian Version

Petrin Redayani Lukman
Assessment of Resident’s Competencies in Building Working Alliance with Patients

Feranindhya Agiananda
Supportive Psychotherapy for Patients with Depression and Cervical Cancer at Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National General Hospital

Yaniar Mulyantini
Long Term Dynamic Psychotherapy with Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder at Pasar Minggu District Hospital
Symposium 15
War and Peace, Implications for Psychotherapy- Iranian Psychotherapy Association Symposium
Chairperson: Behrouz Birashk (IRN)

Enayat Khalighi Sigaroudi (IRN)
Psychoanalytic Aspects of War and Peace

Javad Alaghband Rad (IRN)
Children in War

Ali Sahebi (IRN)
War, Immigration and Mental Health

Behrouz Birashk (IRN)
Promoting Peace in a Community, a Psychosocial View
Symposium 16
The Place of Psychotherapy Interventions in Community Services- Iranian Psychotherapy Association Symposium
Chairperson: Mehdi Tehrani-doost (IRN)

Maryam Tabatabaee (IRN)
Psychoeducational Interventions in Community Settings

Mehdi Tehrani-doost (IRN)
Parenting Program in Community Child Mental Health

Niloufar Mahdavi Hazaveh (IRN)
Crisis Intervention in Community Mental Health Services
Symposium 17
East West Cultural Adaptations in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy-Tehran University of Medical Sciences Psychotherapy Fellowship Symposium
Chairperson: Mahdieh Moin (IRN)

Mahdieh Moin(IRN)
Anahita Rahmani(IRN)
Atieh Chapari(IRN)
Nasim Nekouei(IRN)



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